Friday, 4 October 2013

The new Cara - Hollie May-Saker

I have been thinking that this season there felt like a sudden change with the models we were seeing outside the shows and how the street style photographers reacted to them. For the past few seasons I have been sure to frequently catch the likes of my favourite faces such as Sara Blomqvist, Freja, Abbey Lee-Kershaw, Frida, Jac, Ruby Aldridge etc but this season with a bang all but a couple of my faves I could not see.

On top of this, the queen of them all, Miss Cara Delevingne is now so famous and in demand that a single glimpse of her will bring hysterical teenagers, a thousand paps and every desperate photographer wanting to get the shot literally running after her until she can't get away.

So with all things comes the new breed. I will cover other new girls over time, but the first one of real interest is the new entertainer, our new Cara - Hollie May-Saker!  She's the northern, Scouse, working-class Cara. She's as mad and entertaining as Cara before the hysteria. Sweet, funny, young and literally on top of the world right now as this girl has no idea what is going to hit her. I don't care much for the list of shows a model walks, or opens, or doesn't, as I prefer to go on my reaction to them, but Hollie has done in the region of 29 this season!!!

Her stock just rose last week too after the topless protesters at Nina Ricci tried to grab her arm and the British press quoted Hollie as saying she "was gonna punch the girls on the nose" (See link). So she's a feisty, working-class girl and where every teenage girl can only dream of being Cara, most probably ARE Hollie!

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  1. I don't get the comparison of Hollie May with Cara! just 'cause she 's energetic and lil bit "crazy like her" she is the new one. Cara is Cara, Hollie is Hollie don't compare 2 completely different girls. (1 s blonde/red, one comes from a rich family,she had the cocaine scandal and want to be a celeb at any cost/the other was bullied in highschool and she just started now is not even close to the amount of work Cara have) Hope u 'll never going to make a post like this anymore. BreenyLee